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I am not an environmentalist by profession. But when I was asked to give a workshop entitled A Nature’s Talk, I took it as a challenge and a privilege to be part of the CFC Singles for Christ – Metro Manila Conference in Baguio City. For the longest time, I had been wanting to re-engage myself in the community where I was once a member. I was happy to be invited and without any hesitations I said yes.

The topic was given to me three weeks prior to the conference. Theoretically, I had enough time to prepare. Yet three days before the conference, I was informed that my two-hour slot for the workshop was extended to four hours. Of course, I panicked.

I only have a few days to go and I was in the middle of a very hectic schedule. We were preparing for a concert which will be held a day before the conference. I had backlog of readings for my philosophy subjects. There were also demands from my Jesuit apostolate. Nonetheless, I was able to design a four-hour workshop. I came up with my outline, video clips, powerpoint presentation, audios, etc. All these made me look forward to the actual workshop.

The difficulties I encountered during my preparation of the talk is nothing compared with the problems that came up during the actual workshop. Minutes before the appointed time, my team and I were still doing some final preparation. When we went to the venue, which is an open spaced covered court, the place was yet to be set. The participants started to arrive even when the organizers were still busy preparing the place. Thirty minutes later, and with one hundred forty six SFC participants, I cannot start my presentation because the technician forgot to bring the cord connecting the LCD projector to the laptop. When the cord was finally acquired, it was discovered that the LCD projector and the laptop were not compatible. Due to much delay, we had no choice but to start. I pitied the emcees because they were trying so hard to delay my talk while waiting for another laptop.

I had to start without my powerpoint presentation. It was a complete surrender to God. In Tagalog, bahala na! An hour into my talk, the technician signaled me that the LCD projector is working. I felt relieved, but only for a while. Our venue was too bright that the projected image was overexposed. Still, the workshop had to continue.

Near the end of my talk, and with one more five-minute video presentation to show, I was telling the participants, quite lightly, that our desire to see God’s presence in nature should be as ardent as our desire to have our technical problem fixed. Suddenly, the covered court was enveloped in fog and then the sky slightly darkened. Very timely, this play of nature provided the right contrast for our video presentation. And when the video ended, the fog dissipated as quickly as it appeared.

Actually, I was just stressing three points. What are we going to do with our nature moments? First, relish it. Capture it. Let it dwell in us. Second, nurture the experience. Don’t let it pass without any reflection done. Allow such moment to grow in us. Finally, share that captured moment. This is where our cameras can be of use. We can harness our story telling skills. This way we transmit to others the beauty of this experience.

It was a consolation to see everyone was enjoying the workshop. What moved me was the sharing of some of the participants after the workshop. It was nice to see that amidst the technical problems and venue constraints, learning is still possible.

As a workshop giver, I also learned that when the worst moment comes, I can find God in the very act of hoping. And since hope springs from God, I have full trust that God will gratify that very hope. This is my conviction. I was never worried when my presentation gadgets failed, I knew deep in my heart that better things were yet to come.

Nature’s talk was God’s talk. My experience of being enveloped in fog speaks of God’s presence– captured moment with God that I will relish, remember and share.

– Jun-G Bargayo, SJ –

This is the five-minute video presentation that I played when the fog engulfed us.



  1. kuya, too bad i missed it…

    next time aawayin ko nagse-set-up ng projector n yan… jowk lang…

    pero kasi siguro yung talk is about nature… and walang projector sa nature… hehehe…

    well, God provides just what is enough… just what we need… and when everything that we prepared for has already failed… God jumps in and takes control… and then you find your miracle at that very moment… πŸ™‚ i wish i was there to see your miracle…

    not my miracle but HIS… witness lang din ako πŸ™‚
    oo nga, miss working with you…

  2. nice one parts, what a good day starter…
    such captured moments are really worth remembering…

    looking forward to weekend, cheers!

    parts salamat sa pagbisita… wa ko katulog kaayo gabi-i gahuna-huna sa akong site nga imong gihatag… hehe… biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart. hopefully, it will be up and running soon. πŸ™‚

  3. Uy! I agree, God is really good especially for those who have faith.

    It’s a very good experience to share, nakakalift ng spirit. I hope I can join SFC too, nde kasi ako member eh..

    Godbless po! continue to spread the goodness of the Lord!

    ei jorge! you can join SFC pagbalik mo dito… hehehe…

  4. Personally, I signed up to attend the Nature’s Talk Workshop because honestly I love Nature Tripping. I envision this talk to be conducted amidst the pine trees of Camp John Hay, but when it was announced that it will be in Scout Barrios the first thing that came to my mind was “Malapit sa ni rent namin na place” and still hoping that it will be done somewhere na maraming trees or an overlooking place. When I went to attend the workshop, I was a bit disappointed, sabi ko, “Wow, Nature Talk – Basketball Court na puro bahay ang paligid, sobrang feel ko yung nature” and I was laughing together with an SFC brother.

    When the talk started and I learned that it was kuya Jun-G, naisip ko uy dating program head namin sa YFC and I know na magiging light yung talk. During the talk, God allowed his presence to be felt. At the middle of the talk medyo kumulimlim at nakapanood din kami ng video, tapos umulan, tapos bumaba yung clouds – you can already see the clouds passing through the covered court, tapos nagfog. Then I realized the message of God.

    Nature talk is about finding God in everything at yun yung natutunan ko. Who says you cannot feel nature amidst all the infrastructure around us – God has let me experienced Nature amidst the houses kahit walang mga puno, and by experiencing Nature I was reminded of the greatness of God.

    Maraming naging difficulties yung workshop at pansin na pansin sya ng isang attendee yet at the end of it I can say, everything that happened was according to God’s plan. Galing ni Lord!

    it was indeed a showcase of God’s magnificent nature… salamat sa pakikinig. And i thank God that i experienced this graceful moment with you and the rest of the 146 participants.

    yup! ang galing ni Lord! Panalo Siya!

  5. Truly, when we are commissioned to do His work, He covers for us in moments of limitations. And that’s so much of a relief, for we are never to worry or be afraid.:)

    … for God never fails!

  6. amen. kuya jun-g… ito ang taong may passion!!

  7. a super amazing God πŸ™‚

    a super awesome God πŸ™‚

  8. jun-g, always updated ang blog ha…thanks for sharing kahit i know mahirap for you to regularly update. my only hope is that as you commit yourself to this ministry of testifying to God’s love may you not forget to write from the heart…not many but much…:)

    yupyup! may God grant me the grace that i need. this is for His greater glory!!!

  9. hi kuya jun g! πŸ™‚ as one of your ‘expectors’ i wasn’t really bothered of the techi distractions we were experiencing. before the talk I was wondering what would the speaker (YOU) would be talking about for 4 hours! πŸ™‚ the other talks were timed for 2 hours and yours was the longest.

    Anyway… I guess it wasn’t really a talk… hehe… It’s a sharing of what you really have experienced about God’s presence everywhere and in everything! We had so much fun (well I did)! I liked the part when you sang and thought Praiseworthy to us!

    Ang maganda p nyan, tawa talaga tayo ng tawa. You carried it through that foggy covered court for 4 hours ! πŸ™‚ Well I guess God carried us all through!

    galing galing po! salamat! God is really everywhere and in everything! God bless you kuya Jun G! πŸ™‚ hope to see more of you on upcoming Singles conferences! πŸ™‚

    5…4…3…2…1 Praiseworthy! Praiseworthy! Oh my Lord… hahaha… ako din natatawa pag naaalala ko yun… hehehe πŸ™‚

    tama ka when you wrote, “God carried us all though…” that was our experience… it’s a wow!

  10. wow, para na rin akong nandun sa workshop. ang galing!

  11. nice! πŸ™‚

    God Bless!

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