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Last July 10, I received a forwarded text message from Bro. Jovan. The message was sent by Roma of the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM), saying …practice every 6:30PM at Studio A, JesCom from July 13-17. Please confirm…” I received an invitation to be part of the Fullness of Life Concert, a fund raiser project for the aged and infirm members of the Society of Jesus. I became excited.

First day at 7:10PM, from our Chinese Philosophy class, Bro. Harvey and I were rushing to catch the first practice at Studio A. During the practice, seated at my right was Fr. Nemy; seated at my left was Fr. Charlie; standing in front was Fr. Arnel who was teaching Fr. Vic his solo part of the Kyrie. I was starstruck seeing the Himig Heswita and friends in action again.

July 14, 15, 16, 17… 20, 21, 22, 23, days passed by so fast. Then, July 24 came. The Leong Hall of Ateneo de Manila University was flooding with tears. The concert was so moving that many, if not all, were in tears. It was one of the most beautiful scenes that I had witnessed. My eyes were like sponges that every song was a hand squeezing them and the water was flowing. Guilty as charged, I was crying too.

What touched me the most was the old Jesuit who was seated in front of me. I saw that he was enjoying every melody, every lyrics, I think everything. His eyes was sparkling with gratitude. I saw a childlike happiness. That old Jesuit, Fr. Jack Carroll, was having an experience of the fullness of life.

At the end of the concert, many friends came and were saying that they had moments of prayer and reflection. In fact, two of my friends even wanting to watch the concert again. They didn’t mind paying thousands of pesos just to experience it again– to experience that moment in a sacred space. Incredible!

The speech of Atty. Eric Englis, an Atenean from elementary to law school, was a testimony on how the Jesuits can be a great influence to one’s life. I felt honored being part of this least Society, being associated to those great Jesuits who were and are ahead of me. It is a pride that can only be expressed in humility. This is not something for me to brag about but a reason to be more responsible to the graces that are bestowed on me as a Jesuit. I am motivated to give more of whatever I can in where ever frontier mission that I am assigned or may be assigned to go. I am hopeful that in the little things that I strive to do may inspire others to become more generous and more loving. My desire is to be like those Jesuits who are beacons of light and life changing catalysts to others.

Fr. Arnel, our musical director, said, the concert was like a reunion of Jesuits and friends. Indeed, it was. The performers, the staffs, the sponsors and the audience were one in celebration. For me, it was not just a fund raiser activity, but a heart raiser. The hugs, smiles, kisses, hand shakes, pats on the back, words of thanks, all were so warm that melts hearts. Every one, in any how, was compelled to be more loving, compassionate and benevolent.

This sacred moment is embedded in my heart. At times that I will grow weak in my service to God, this can be a source of strength. At times that my vows are challenged, this can be my salvation. At times that the sickness of forgetfulness of my identity as a Jesuit consumes me, this can be my antidote to make me remember my purpose again. This moment is sacred, a gift of God’s consolation for me.

What else to say? One more thing, I thank God for revealing Himself, the fullness of life, to me, to us.

– Jun-G Bargayo, SJ –



  1. it was truly a sacred moment…a moment that really penetrates our whole being…what you, young and late generations of jesuits did for the old ones, was truly touching…that is community, that is solidarity and I was especially moved to be part of that company, that society, of Jesus’ men for others…I could not call myself technically a Jesuit but in principle, I consider myself one 🙂

    thanks for watching! sa uulitin… hehehe…

  2. i really wish i can watch it. do you still have any forthcoming concert? or maybe part 2?

    forthcoming concert? part 2? pag meron, sabihan kita. hehehe… sana nandito ka na nun para di mo ma-miss. 🙂

  3. I agree with you bro it was truly a sacred moment…experiencing good music.. your music that comes from the depth of your souls…touching not only your fellow jesuits but all who have witness and share with your life… your community…your apostolate.. your friends.. your family… all the people in your life. I praise and thank God for being your companion in this lifetime. Keep on keeping on my dear brothers in Christ.Mwuah!!

    indeed, it’s a privilege to be in God’s service… grabe!
    salamat ulit sa pagdalo…

  4. I love the video, so so nice. Indeed there is no reason for us to be afraid!

    To God be the glory forever!

    yes! to God be the glory forever!

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