Posted by: junjeesj | May 11, 2009

almost over…

My summer exposure is almost over. Many significant things happened. I want to write them all here but my thoughts are so many and are not yet organized. But, still i will try to name and articulate few of my thoughts.

a. NFF (New Found Friends). I gained friends here. I became friends to people whom i had biases with, the IP and the Muslims. I thought it would be very difficult to deal with them. When i met the people in Renti and Tubuan, i was wrong. The people there are very warm and friendly. I know that we are giving them favor through our water system projects, but their friendship with us is not based on that. I believe our relationship is not a benefactor-beneficiary relationship. Every time i talk to Chairman Bronson, i am touched by his sincerity as he shares to me his significant experiences. I felt honored hearing them and being trusted. One night, Treas and Kagawad Buligan of Renti were freely disclosing their pratices as Teduray. Our conversation was anything under sun. We were laughing, enjoying the night.

The people in Renti and Tubuan are my new found friends. Honestly, i am starting to miss them. I felt safe in those places that in everytime i could visit cotabato city, given the luxury of time and resources, i wouldn’t miss dropping by and catching up with my friends there.

b. MOF (Mission over Family). I wanted to go home and visit my family in Gensan. Even before the start of this summer apostolate, i asked permission to visit my family, but unfortunately, i received a no answer. Since then, I was thinking of any reason that may become my ticket to go home. And I found one. I composed a message of permission on my celphone, ready to be sent to my superior. But, this message remained in my phone’s outbox folder.

This is not torturing myself nor validating that priesthood is a sacrifice. Instead, this is an experience validating the reason why a priest is not allowed to raise his own family. I can’t imagine leaving my ill child and go on mission to the uplands or anywhere. Mission over family, not that i didn’t want to raise my own family, but i chose a life that i could serve any family any time at anywhere.

c. FIL (Falling in Love). I read a funny quotation inscribed on the side of a pump boat, “Street from the Heart.” Funny to find it profound. One thing that i am mastering as a Jesuit is a life of obedience. It is my desire to follow the will of God through my superiors. What he wants me to do. Where would he assign me for mission. When would he Indeed, a road of uncertainty. No career planning. No future making. No self-security seeking.

I found myself on a street from the heart of someone who is in love with me. It’s a grace to find this street. And now, i see myself on this street trekking towards its source. The scenes that i see, the people that i meet and the experiences that i have make me fall in love with that someone, the end of the street that i am following. What is more beautiful is that as i keep myself on track, my heart is filled with more love. It is making me yearn to reach the end of the street, the source of great love, my God.



  1. hi jun-g! really funny to find “street from the heart” profound. i’m sure your exposures will continue to enrich you and inspire so many other people in the process. as you said, “as you keep yourself on track [on this “street from the heart”], your heart is filled with more love.” that’s what we all hope and pray for, that we keep ourselves on track and become more in love.

  2. I’m happy for you

  3. thanks for affirming!

  4. Kainggit, Kuya Jun-G. 🙂

  5. wow! ang galing nmn! you are indeed a writer. ang humble pa kasi eh, hehehe..

    thank u for the chance to talk with you last night. it was really funny yet very meaningful for me.

    continue writing and continue inspiring other people like me. 😉


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