Posted by: junjeesj | September 4, 2008


1 I got excited hearing stories about the past practices of Filipinos in expressing their Catholic faith. There were plays done in the streets. There were religious rites done during feast days. Sadly, the reality is that these practices are slowly fading.

2 The movie, Turumba, explains why these impressive practices of Catholic Filipinos are dying. The reasons may be the emergence of commerce, industrialization and globalization. Before, people were pre-occupied with religious practices. But now, people are so pre-occupied with success that these practices are put aside and given less attention.

3 In the movie, it shows the truth that there are people who are so involved in these traditional rituals done by our grand parents, and because of the practical consideration that were laid in front of them, their priorities changed. There values were influenced. I am not saying that this is wrong, but because of this, our rich expression of faith becomes thinner than and not as impressive as before.

4 Indeed, success kills. No wonder why there are so many nominal Catholics today. The young are formed to compete in the business world. And most of these activities have nothing to do with faith. Today, dancing in the streets during feast is done not really because people are praising the Lord but sadly, for entertainment. I wonder if the Sinulog dancers’ motivation is still their expression of faith or the prize that awaits them in the street dancing competition. 

5 If not with the “manangs” in the church, there would be no more “pasyon” done during the Holy Week.

6 I am not against success. It is also a gift from God. But, if this success of human being would lead to the death of our expression of our Catholic faith, then I think we should do something about it. I am afraid that someday, our children’s children will no longer experience Simbang Gabi because people in the future would think it’s impractical already.

– Jun-G Bargayo –


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