Posted by: junjeesj | August 21, 2008


1 I can not remember the artist of the art section “Toe Tag” at the museum. However, her work was so impressive that it had a mark in me. I thought I got her message. I thought she was telling me to recognize her and not just her art work. And yet, I do forget her name.

2 My eyes took pleasure in the beauty that I saw at the museum. I was enamored with the details of every art work that my eyes had seen. My hands were tempted to touch the texture of the paintings and the curves of the sculptures. But I believe that my appreciation was not enough.

3 If only I know the language of art, I would have appreciated it more. Etching was a jargon for me. I needed to look the dictionary in order to find the correct spelling of “canvas.” Art was one of my subjects in high school and college but to my shame I found myself still ignorant in many things about it.

4 If only I recognize the intricateness of any visual arts, I would have cherished it more. The right combination of straight and crooked lines, the appropriate shades of various colors, the hidden messages of the paintings and the still pictures, sadly, I took them for granted.

5 If only I tried to feel the artist in his/her art, I would have not forgotten his/her name.

6 This little exposure to art at the museum planted the seed of inspiration to learn more about the art per se. The more I learn about it, the more I can appreciate the beauty that lies with it. Art is a wonderful gift from God. This is a tool that as He showcases the beauty of his creation, both the artist and his/her art work, we may learn the art of appreciating and gratefulness.

7 Thanks to the author of “Toe Tag.” Her message was so clear to me that as I admire the creation, my eyes should not miss gazing at the creator.

8 The art should reveals its artist. I believe that I am an art work, a masterpiece, of my Creator. What my life has become, should reflect the craftsmanship of my Creator. I am God’s “Toe Tag,” encrypted in me is the the name of Christ who died to save the world.

– Jun-G Bargayo –


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