Posted by: junjeesj | June 8, 2008

Wanna Be Somebody?!

If you want to be a somebody of your time and place, stop and pay attention. Activate your senses. See the beauty of ugliness. Smell the fragrance of reek. Touch the smoothness of roughness. Taste the sweetness of bitterness. Hear the music of noise. Enjoy the paradox of life. Make the difference.

– Jun-G Bargayo –



  1. do you know the paradox of life? isn’t it Morrie who said that we will only know how to live if we learn to die. So the only way to enjoy the paradox of life is to live life as if it were our last. And in doing so, I’m sure ugly would be beautiful, reek would be fragrant, rough would be smooth, bitter would be sweet and noise would be music to the ears.

  2. Panalo ka sa post. Nandito kami ni dougs sa starbucks. Sige ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong pagninilay.

  3. so profound jun-g and renee too! i am subscribed so keep on updating this 😉

  4. Poetic and radical! It is a challenge prompts to challenge.

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