Posted by: junjeesj | June 8, 2008

31 May 2008: A Sacred Day



  1. congrats junjee! may God give you the strength and the grace of perseverance. God bless and continue to be God’s instrument.

  2. Congratulations Kuya Jun-g! May God continue to bless you always!

  3. really memorable and solemn day! congrats again to all of you!

  4. Hi JunG!

    What a nice video. he song was perfect too. It is coming true – your wish to become a priest! Praise God! I pray that God bless and continue to mold you into the person that he wants you to become. May your love for God inspire thousands to love and serve Him.

    Take care always.

  5. Awww Jun-G! Very happy for you 🙂 See you in the Ateneo!

  6. Will continue to pray for you. Congrats and Godbless you always.

  7. wow ang ganda naman!!congratulations ahh..i’m so hapi 4 u!!naka2tuwa naman hahaha…
    ei, broThEr…oLWeIzZz tAkE caRe..
    God bLEsS…
    Miz U …

  8. I am very happy to witness your vow day. Congratulations! Btw, YFC rin ako.

  9. hi jim! thanks for visiting this site… sang YFC ka?

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